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Key points to consider while buying an MRI machine

What should one consider before buying a refurbished MRI machine from a service provider:

Well! the investments are  high and so is the risk. The MRI machine is not only a very highend and costly equipment, it is also the main profit generating device for a hospital or diagnostic center. At the same time it should be capable of doing all kinds of diagnostic exams with superb image quality, so that our investigating Doctors can diagnose and treat the very patients effectivly and promptly.

It is a great service to this noble cause for humanity, for the patients who are suffering and waiting for the right treatment on right tiime.

So the Key points to consider before buying a good MRI system are:

1. Manufacturer of the equipment

2. Image quality, functionality and durabiity of the equipment.

3. Source of equipment procurement, indigineous or imported.

4. Kind of refurbishment process done on the system

5. And the biggest of all from which company/vendor you are buying the machine.

MRI machine is a very high end, sophisticated system. It's design, operation, and the technology is no less then a rocket science. If it goes in wrong hands anything disasterous may happen.

So most important is the vendor selection.Chek whether the vendor is qualified enough to handle your equipment?

What amount of experience the company has to handle the problems/breakdowns? (It is very important in the diagnostic business that your machine works all the time, otherwise revenue loss).

Whether the vendor has spare parts in their stock? Is he well capable of handling the breakdowns?

What amount of experience one is carrying to take care of the equipment?

Whether the vendor has service/installation tools with them to carry out installation and maintenance activities?

Anyone can claim that they can provide and maintain your MRI machine, but the truth is they might fix the problems of the machine temporarily. But on the other hand due to lack of technical knowhow they may cause a bigger problem in the longrun which is damaging the equipment slowly-slowly. And all you have to do is keep on paying the vendor to fix the problems.

It is like a orthopedician treating the Neuro patient, He might fix the patient after all he is a Doctor. But do you think it will do justice to the patient or to the profession. Will the patient get 100% treated or what are the chances that he may develop more problems. Same goes with the machines.

These days even car drivers are claiming to fix the MRI machine and try to sell them in the open market. Please beware... It is not a car, whcich any mechanic after gaining some experience fix it.

You may get the machine very cheap in the beginning, but you never know the health condition of the machine, whether it will perform to your expectations or it will drag to fullfill your requirements.



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