What does “End of Life” mean for your MRI system?

If you are looking to purchase a MRI system in the market & had taken an opportunity to compare a refurbished MRI system offering with an OEM you might have heard the OEM refer to the system as “End of Life”.  The OEM has probably justified & has answered your query correctly but often it is a common tactic employed by OEMs to push customers to upgrade themselves to newer models. However you need to understand the terminology better to make a more informed decision.

What is “End of Life” for your MRI scanner?

Usually “End of Life” for your MRI system means that the particular model has been discontinued or out of production by the OEM for the last 10 years or more. Sometimes when your OEM refers to this term they usually are trying to suggest you that because the particular model has been discontinued you would face problems regarding “discontinued field service” or unavailability or limited availability of spare parts”. If truth be told the magnitude of the problem is usually compounded to upgrade you to a new model. Most often if you have read our past blog posts you would understand that upgrading yourself to buy a new MRI model is always not justifiable from startup business perspective.

How grave are the concerns?

The “End of Life” designation of the MRI system should not be a cause of very serious concern in most of the cases. Remember that the machine now termed as “End of Life” has once been a very successful model for the OEM. Any MRI machine which has been well serviced & maintained will last many more coming years even after their “End of Life” term.

A true refurbished vendor would also ensure that he would do additional justice to the machine while doing functional testing on the machine. Spare parts availability of these machines are also taken care by the refurbished vendor for future purposes failing which they would not be able to justify their service contracts.

Servicing & maintaining these machines also becomes easier & more cost effective as more engineers would have worked on the model & their hands on experience on these models are aplenty.

Secondary dealers maintain a comprehensive & extensive inventory of spare parts for these models sufficient to support your system for the next decade.

All refurbished MRI models are not OEM discontinued models. Some models that have been discontinued are often the systems which have high demand in secondary market & most often they are ideal for you to break –even early with your MRI business.

How can I decide?

Whether you decide for a new MRI system or a refurbished model depends on your business outlook & you should be the best person to answer the question for yourself. Most true refurbished models which have been discontinued by the OEM, continue to scan to provide superior image quality with no compromise.

Many of such models today have a very high demand in the secondary market. Following are some of the models:

Siemens Harmony

Siemens Symphony

GE Signa 9X

GE Signa Excite II



True refurbished but discontinued MRI systems can save you a lot of money over newer models giving you the opportunity to serve your patients better. Always do due diligence to choose your vendor & choose your machine based on your business requirement.

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