What you need to know when you are comparing MRI system make & Model.

Goes without saying that it is a very daunting tasks to choose the MRI brand & model while comparing among a myriad model options. Until you arrive at a definite conclusion it is quite literally impossible to hone in down on a particular model that would serve your purpose. So without much preamble let’s try & answer about the most important thing to look for while comparing 1.5T MRI systems. The answer is to compare its gradient system’s slew rate! Let us review it a little bit to understand why you should look for it.

The most important component in a MRI after the magnet is the gradient package. The gradient package usually consists of 3 smaller magnets within a metal coil alongside the primary magnet. These gradient coils are responsible for the X,Y & Z planes allowing the precise orientation for capturing great images of specific body parts. Each OEM have proprietary terminologies for their gradient packages. The slew rate defined simply means the time taken by the system to go from zero to its peak amplitude. Put simply the higher the slew rate the better the image quality & thinner are the slices. Higher Slew rate also corresponds to faster scan time.

So logically speaking with your MRI system you will like to have the highest slew rate, right? The answer is that it might not be correct in all he cases

High end Slew rates generally come into play when you are doing maximum of cardiology & neurology cases. Of course when you are looking at MRI systems with high slew rates they also come costly even in the refurbished market. It is also interesting to note that with technological advances the most commonly available 1.5T MRI system comes in a variety of slew rates ranging from 25 to 200 across different models.

However when you are doing maximum number of general scans including Orthopedic scans an optimum slew rate of 125 is sufficient. You can check out the slew rates, channels & amplitude for some of the common Siemens MRI models currently available in the refurbished market(from 1t to 1.5T)





Magnet Design

OR 105

OR 60


OR 24

Software Level





Gradient Amp.

Q Engine/

SQ Engine

V Engine

Turbo thru Quantum

Turbo thru Quantum






Slew Rate





Coil Channels

8/18/32 channels

8/16 channel

4/8 Channel

4 Channel






The newest MRI model avialable in the market is not always the MRI system that is right for your business. Every business is unique similarly every MRI requirement should be vetted  against your requirement”


When you have done adequate market research & the most probable kind of scans that you will be doing at your facility, you can start comparing the available models to select the machine that would be optimum for your business. Among a myriad of things comparing the slew rate is important to understand your machine. Opting for a machine that is latest in the market is always not advisable. Investing in MRI machine is costly & considerations like patient load, common types of scans etc. are very important for profitability of your center.

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