We provide exclusive& comprehensive services for all types of siemens MRI, CT machines & Cath Lab systems at very competitive & affordable prices.

Currently offering CMC Services to the following MRI equipment on very attractive price:

  1. Siemens Magnetom Essenza 1.5T
  2. Siemens Magnetom Avanto 1.5T
  3. Siemens Magnetom Trio 3.0T
  4. Siemens Magnetom Verio 3.0T
  5. Siemens Magnetom Symphony 1.5T
  6. Siemens Magneotm Symphont TIM System

CMC offerings on Cathlab Systems:

  1. Axiom Artis FC
  2. Axiom Artis dFC
  3. Axiom Artis Zee

CMC CT scanners

  1. Somatom Sensation series (4 to 64 slices)
  2. Somatom Emotion series
  3. Somatom Espree
  4. Somatom Defination