No. of Patients required daily for MRI clinic to be Profitable

Excel Calculator to calculate minimum no. of daily cases for MRI business profitability

While planning to set up a new MRI business the most common question faced is “How many patients would I need daily for my MRI clinic”. If you are pondering on this question look no further as we have designed a new spreadsheet calculator just for you! Just go ahead download the calculator & input in the required details & you will be amazedto see that this simple calculator would be able to answer you the most important question!

What you need to do with the calculator:

  1. Figure out the EMI you would have to pay depending on the investment you would want to make for your MRI sysyem.
  2. Calculate operating & overhead ballpark costs
  3. Find out the minimum number of patients you would need every month
  4. Increase your profit margins by targetting the number of patients incrementally.

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