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Modular Multipara Patient Monitor C50

Product Details

The Comen C50 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor is optimized for reliable and highly accurate monitoring performance. With various mounting solutions and an advanced patient management system, the C50 is one of the most versatile patient monitors on the market.

This patient monitor features a 10.4″ TFT Touch Screen, quick selection knob and shortcut keys, allowing for an intuitive user experience.

Additionally, the C50 Patient Monitor is robustly designed, featuring an aluminum alloy body, integrated modular design, carrying handle and 1PX waterproof technology.

Standard Configuration: 5 lead ECG, HR, SpO2, PR, NIBP, RESP, Dual Temp

Optional Configuration: Dual IBP, EtCO2, Thermal Printer

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Modular Multipara Patient Monitor C80

Product Details
Comen C80 Monitor Standard Configuration:

12-leads ECG/HR, OxiMax SpO2,PR,NIBP,RESP,TEMP, EtCO2 Socket Reserved, Nurse Call System, Touch Screen, Handwriting Pen, lin-ion Battery

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Anesthesia Machine A7

Product Details

Physical Characteristics
Size 780 mm*676 mm*1390 mm
Weight 90kg ( without vaporizer and cylinder)
Screen Size: 8.4’’ TFT touch screen
Resolution 800 *600
Handrail Length 412mm
Caster wheel 4 wheels, Separate brakes;
brightness adjustable

Ventilator Machine V3

Product Details
  • V3 is a turbine based respiratory support platform that can handle a variety of scenarios, including bedside ventilation and intra-hospital transport.

  • The interface is simple and intuitive and can be easily mastered by caregivers without complicated training.

  • Comprehensive ventilation modes, covering critical and subcritical respiratory therapy for adult/pediatric patients

  • High-performance corepower unit with durability and ultra-high-speed flow and stable ventilation to meet various demands for respiratory support

Defibrillator Monitor S5

Product Details

With Defibrillation, Pacing, Monitoring and AED mode, S5 is not only suitable for pre-hospital first aid, but also applicable in in-hospital usage.

Convenient and Efficient

As the most important part of CPR, time is the key for defibrillator monitor. Therefore, S5 abandons complex operation and improve convenience and efficiency for rescue.







12-channel ECG machine CM1200A

Product Details
CM1200A 12 Channel ECG machine

Comen 12 channel ECG Machine screams compactness and user-friendliness from the start. It comes with manual, auto and rhythm recording mode. This Comen ECG machine comes with built-in rechargeable battery with up to 150 patient data recording, QWERTY Alpha Numeric Keyboard with backside light for night use, invisible handle to hold, 8.4-inch TFT colour display, multiple print formats and more. Light-weight, compact, and portability ensure ease of use of Comen ECG 12 channel.

12-channel ECG machine CM1200B

Product Details
With 12×1, 6×2 + 1R, 3×4 + 3R, average template, automatic analysis, automatic diagnostic report and other printing modes